Myths About Covid-19

5 Myths About Covid-19 You Shouldn’t Allow To Compromise Your Safety

Fast facts

  • Coronavirus and the flu may cause respiratory sickness but are not the same
  • The three early symptoms very common to covid-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 are fatigue, dry cough, and fever
  • Older persons and those with a weak immune system may have a greater chance of complications from the virus, but younger people are also at risk too
  • Hand washing, social distancing, and not touching your face are the best forms of protection from the virus

Certain persons have decided to give up on the severity of covid-19 disregarding the reported increase in the number of cases of deaths by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Experts still think the novel coronavirus could cause more loss than the influenza of 1918 did where about 50 million people died around the world.

In the face of this global threat, a lot of persons, while trying to understand the virus, may not be able to differentiate truth from untruth.

Based on that, we’d be discussing 5 of the most typical myths surrounding coronavirus and how true they are according to experts.

  1. Covid-19 is only another flu.  Every year, people die from the flu; however, the virus is comprehendible as there is a vaccine and more awareness about it. Both coronavirus and the flu cause respiratory issues but aren’t the same.

Symptoms of viral infections include dry cough, fatigue, and fever, but the flu stands out with muscle aches and pains. Common cold may cause sneezing, sore throat, or runny nose. It’s not expected that coronavirus should cause a runny nose, but late symptoms include a persistent cough, and coughing up phlegm. But the WHO has said the mortality rate of covid-19 is what makes it exceptional.

Currently, reports from the WHO show that thedeath rate divided by the number of cases is between 3 to 4 percent. More time may be needed to get more information about the death rates caused by the coronavirus. But the number of reported deaths divided by the number of actual infections will be lesser. In contrast, the death rate of flu seems to be less than 0.1 percent.

  • Only older adults are affected by covid-19. A lot of persons infected with coronavirus may have mild sickness. Report from WHO shows that about 14 percent of infected persons will have serious health issues and need to stay in the hospital, while 5 percent may need intensive care.

Older adults and those with underlying health conditions have the highest risk of complications, but youths aren’t spared. It’s shocking to realise that young people are affected: those with obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and uncontrolled diabetes. Attend PCR test in London treating covid-19 patients.

  • Nothing can be done till a vaccine is out. Reports from a health professional show that an effective vaccine can be achieved around 12 to 18 months from now, but time will be needed to understand its efficacy. It’s also crucial to pay attention to other medications that can potentially treat symptoms of coronavirus, and relieve any inflammation the body develops to the virus.

    Another relevant consideration is assessing the treatments available in ways that give more insight intocreating the best care for patients. Also, based on speculations that this virus will not disappear quickly, there’s need to have a strategic plan.
  • Covid-19 is human-made. The coronavirus that brought about covid-19 is a new one, but not long ago other coronaviruses have resulted in health issues, including those that have caused SARS and MERS. According to experts, some bat-related viruses are potential sources of pandemics later on in life.

    There’s also the concept that believing this virus was produced by humans or is an out-of-control bioweapon is a psychological defence to help people comprehend and manage this pandemic. This feeling makes the world find it easy to understand and release pseudo comfort.

A health expert also explains the phenomenon as: we’re biological beings co-existing with other biological beings that we can’t bring under control. If a person gets infected from a bat that stays close to them, their health condition will affect others directly. It’s not unlikely that people will believe in a conspiracy theory. Though there are several reasons people believe in conspiracy theories, it is built on mistrust.

  • Scientists and the government are concealing information. Disbelieving authoritative institutions like the CDC and WHO can be a problem, experts say. Besides, an excellent strategy to cope with the pandemic right now is listening to and getting insights from those who have scientific knowledge about the condition. It will help, prepare and take care of all that matters to us including lives.

    Political ambitions may also fuel conspiracies, and our different cognitive biases make some people underestimate while others overestimate the risks associated with coronavirus. Also, in perspective is the fact that strict social distancing may help us reduce the risk of spreading the infection on a large scale, but it also has a negative turn on the economy. So there is a need for a balance that may cause a lot of arguments in the future.

Act To Protect Yourself

Health experts are urging people to adhere to the precautionary measures put in place like washing of hands, social distancing, and avoid face touching.

Also, managing your health condition is very important since severe coronavirus symptoms develop in cases where the state of health is poor.

It has also been said that if we were a healthier populace, we’d have been able to resist the effect of coronavirus and other kinds of infection. This, in turn, would have reduced the number of resources and time spent in taking care of infected persons.

Experts are also suggesting that people take time to get sufficient rest, treat any underlying health condition, reduce stress, exercise more, and eat healthily.Whether or not you believe in a conspiracy theory, the new coronavirus is causing more harm by the day. Go for your nearest PCR Test clinic treating covid-19 patients or you can visit PCR Test London for more information.

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