7 Steps To Flawless Curls In 7 Days

Gone are the days when ladies used to hide their hair with scarves and accessories. Modern-day women love to let their curls out, saying goodbye to hair straighteners and dryers. However, we should keep that in mind that we all are no celebrities. We can’t afford regular costly salon appointments for our hair care. Now you have to get serious about your hair care. 

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or you have been wearing your curls out for a long time. If you wish to say goodbye to your limp and lazy curl and seek to give them definition, smoothness, and shine, stay with us till the end. 

This article will let you know 7 Steps to Flawless Curls in 7 Days. Sounds like a good trade for a 3-4 minute read? Yes, it is.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it. 

1. Products you need before getting started

Before getting started, you need the right products. If you have them, it’s well and good. Otherwise, you can check out Aunt Jackie’s hair products for the same. Here is a list of items you need.

• A Leave-In Conditioner

• A lightweight oil like coconut oil or avocado oil

• A Moisturising co-wash cleaner

• A detangling therapy 

• Moisturising Milk or Oil Spray

• An elongating or a defining treatment

• An Edge-Smoother

• A sealing cream

• A Silk Scarf

So, if you are done with the list, let’s get started with your schedule.

It is advised that you start this hair care routine on a weekend so that you can get familiar with it. Step one and step two might take time; the rest of the steps are easy. You need to be patient throughout since this might take time, but the patience will be surely rewarded. 

2. Schedule

Step-1: Hair Wash and Conditioning

The basics for every hairy care routine remains the same. All you need to do is ditch your old shampoo this time and switch to a paraben and Sulfate-free shampoo just like Purify Me. 

Purify Me contains Avocado, Apple Cider Vinegar, Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin-E, coconut, and flaxseed. These ingredients ensure the health and nourishment of your scalp and help in softening your hair. 

It is important for you to choose a natural based product as you need to stop interacting with chemicals regularly. Using a natural product ensures that our hair gets its deserved nourishment and care in the long run. Washing your hair minimum twice a week is very important for healthy hair and curls. You can also choose to wash your hair only with conditioner or a co-wash cleanser sometimes. 

3. Conditioning

After you are done cleaning your hair from impurities, build-up, and dirt, condition your hair. Deep conditioning will heal your limp, brittle, and dry hair. It will rejuvenate your hair, replenishing its moisture content. You can use Fix My Hair for conditioning 2c to 4c textured hair. 

Step-2: Time for Leave-In Conditioner

After conditioning, it’s time to moisturise your hair with a quality leave-in conditioner. It will impart extra moisture to your hair, thus protecting it from damage and detangling your curls. You can try Aunt Jackie’s Quench for the same. 

It is well suited to curlies and can benefit your hair from damage and frizzes too.

Step-3: The LOC Method

The LOC method is an acronym for Liquid (Leave-In), Oil and Cream. It ensures moisture retention in your hair by layering the right products in the right way. The Oil and Liquid layer acts as a sealant and restricts moisture from being evaporated. 

The method is quite common and is used by women with high porosity, dry, and frizzy hair. It not only improves the moisture content but also contributes to improving the shine and health of your hair. 

Step-4: Protect & Style

Once you are done with the LOC method, you can choose to style your hair just like your routine manner. Try knots, rolls, or explore new styles but make sure you protect the ends well. 

LOC being a pre-styling method here, makes styling a lot easier. The silk scarf on our list is needed at night before bed. Wrap it well around your head, and it will act as a protective barrier from the abrasive effects of your bed and pillow. Moreover, it will help you retain moisture for a longer period. 

Step-5: Flaunt your Curls

Now, it’s time to flaunt those curls you prepared after that weekend hair-care routine. Your sleep must have ensured that you draw out the benefits of the products used earlier. Unwrapping your curls carefully, use your fingers gently through them to detangle. Add a protective spray or light oil before you go out.

Step-6: Spray-On Moisturisers 

When you are halfway through the week, you need to know it’s time to refresh your hair with moisture. It’s just to ensure that you go through the week without any breakage, maintaining your healthy curl growth at the same time. 

Step-7: Little Extra Care & Protection 

To add a little definition to your curl and make them bouncy, you need to re-settle them a little. Spend some time re-styling and hydrating with styling cream and later style as usual.

That’s all. These were the steps that you need to follow to nail those Curls.