Green potatoes: Are they safe to consume?

Did you notice the green colour on the potatoes, which you have recently purchased? Confused whether to use or throw in the garbage? You might be running with numerous questions to know the safety of consuming green potatoes. Well! Don’t worry! We are here to answer all your queries. Just keep reading the post now!

Why green colour on the potatoes? Is it toxic?

The pigment chlorophyll is responsible for producing a green colour and a glycoalkaloid poison solanine. The toxin glycoalkaloid compound is a digestive irritant and can cause serious health issue if consumed in large quantities. Solanine also gives the potato, bitter taste and hence it should not be the part of the diet especially in the kid’s menu. Trimming the eyes or the sprouts should completely be avoided to free from the toxin.

Solanine is also responsible for breaking down certain neurotransmitters which lead to neurological problems. Since solanine accumulates in the area where the chlorophyll is present, it is easy to throw off.

Try storing the potatoes in the dark shade and avoid exposing to sunlight and storing may also require sufficient air circulation to avoid potatoes turning green. Also, while selecting the potatoes from the supermarket, get the fresh ones and avoid picking which has already developed a green tinge to it.

Can we consume green potatoes?

This is one of the biggest questions we always have in mind especially among the potato lovers. Though there are many debatable answers to this query, the available evidence suggests that it’s good to stay away from consuming green potatoes rather than making yourself sick after consuming it. The severity of any health consequences occurred depends upon the intake of the number of green potatoes containing the chemical solanine. Use your judgment and check what you need to do base on the colour of the potato. Also, potatoes with eyes or sprouts should be thrown off without using it as solanine is present in the eyes as well.

Will peeling help you consume green potatoes?

Peeling may reduce the green colour present on the surface of the potatoes, but if the potato tastes bitter, it is better not to use them. Also, cooking, baking, frying, boiling, and microwaving will not eliminate solanine present in the potatoes. Consuming too much of green potatoes may cause severe gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain and few other individuals may also experience fever, headache, confusion, and hot flash. The symptom mainly develops right after consuming the toxic potatoes, but a few individuals display delayed symptoms which can take as long as a day.

When to call the doctor?

If you have severe and persistent symptoms, then never ignore! Speak to the doctor at the earliest possible and get your symptoms tested. If medicines are prescribed to ease the issue, order them from the best online medicine site at the comfort of your home with free doorstep delivery.

To sum up, consuming green potatoes are toxic, but getting the potatoes turning green can be eliminated by decreasing the prolonged exposure of potatoes to sunlight and warm temperatures. Normally, the green colour chlorophyll is harmless, but along with it, it also increases the toxic compound solanine, which can cause severe sickness in humans. Make sure to store potatoes in a cool and dark place to avoid sprouting.

If you develop any neurological or gastrointestinal symptoms upon ingestion, call your doctor immediately. Order prescription medicines by uploading prescription online from a genuine online medicine shop at a lower price and get the medicines delivered straight at your doorstep.

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