How long does recovering from laser eye surgery take

How Long does Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery Take?

Laser eye surgery is fast becoming the preferred option for correcting vision problems such as astigmatism, short-sightedness and long-sightedness. The procedure is simple, fast and requires little or no downtime.  

The recovery time from laser eye surgery varies, depending on the patient’s age, corrected vision, the intensity of the laser used, and several other factors. Most LASIK eye surgery patients begin to notice an improvement in their vision within 1 – 2 days, but LASEK eye surgery improvement may take longer.

Full recovery from a laser eye surgery may take about six months, but the procedure is minimally invasive. This means that if you undergo LASIK or LASEK laser eye surgery, you can resume work and your regular activities within a week after your surgery.  However, you need to know some important things about the recovery process.

Dealing with discomfort after laser eye surgery

You cannot drive home after a laser eye surgery, so you need to arrange for transportation from the clinic before you undergo the vision correction procedure. Your surgeon will instruct you about the medication to take to prevent infection and inflammation and advise you to rest for a few days.

You may experience discomfort in your eyes for a few hours after the surgery, which is normal. Although laser eye surgery is minimally invasive and lasts for only a few minutes, it is still a surgery, so expect some irritation level, such as grain-like feeling in the eye and weeping. However, the discomfort would subside after a while as you rest and take your prescribed medication.

Your eye surgeon may advise you to wear an eye patch while sleeping for some days after your surgery to avoid rubbing your eyes while sleeping. Your eyes will be sensitive to light, so you would need to wear sunglasses.

If you had LASIK laser eye surgery, you would need to visit the clinic for an aftercare appointment the next day. If you had LASEK, the surgeon would bandage the contact lenses on your eyes, and your first aftercare appointment would be 4 – 5 days after the procedure.  

You would not need the contact lenses you wore before your surgery, even if you have blurred vision for a while. Wearing your previous contact lenses will prevent your eyes from healing.

Long-term recovery

Your eyes will require about six months to heal from laser eye surgery completely. During this time, you would have a couple of aftercare appointments. You may have blurred vision at some point, which is normal because your eyes are trying to settle after the procedure.

Attending all your aftercare appointments is important to ensure you heal properly and get your desired result. Your eye doctor will check if your eyes are recovering as they should and advise you on ways to improve your vision.  

You can return to work within a few days after your laser eye surgery, but ensure you lubricate your eyes using eye drops, take frequent breaks to rest your eyes and prevent dry eyes, and drink plenty of water.

If you work outdoors, like on a construction site, wear safety goggles to prevent debris and dust from entering your eyes and wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection within the first week of recovery to prevent light rays.

Avoiding high impact tasks will reduce your risk of having complications, but you can talk to your optometrist about the activity if you have already planned the activity before your surgery.  

Recovery from laser eye surgery is different for everyone. Yours may take a few days, while others may require weeks to heal, but everyone would have a better vision after a few months. If you have vision problems and no longer want to use glasses or contacts, then you can get laser eye surgery from one of the best laser surgeons at Optimal Vision Clinic in Harley Street.

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