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All-On-4 Dental Implants: How It Improves Quality Of Life

Loss of tooth is a major problem which interferes with quality of life affecting the style of speaking and eating along with oral health. On the basis of the ability of digestion it can affect on overall physical health as well. The severity of the affect would become high with the number of teeth you have lost.

Although dentures are serving as go-to solution to treat a full arch replacement and have improved significantly yet it has some drawbacks. This blog entails the way in which the quality of life can get improved with All-on-4 dental implants– a permanent solution to replace your teeth. 

Although dentures have been improved quite a lot of times yet they still possess certain downsides. It has to be put off from the mouth every night before going to bed. Moreover, you have to clean it thoroughly prior to follow your basic oral care regimen. It gets slipped in the mouth or can fall off completely as well.

Downsides of traditional dentures

You gums may get rubbed with its base causing painful dentures sores. It is not able to resist the bone loss from your jaw. As a result it becomes weak and changes shape over time. At a certain point of time, you have to fully replace the dentures for assuring comfort and normal functional ability of the mouth   

Dental implants to replace teeth

To replace the missing teeth an alternative dental procedure is available there known as dental implants. Instead of simply setting on the gums like dentures, small titanium is used for supporting this dental restoration which gets implanted into the jawbone surgically.

During healing procedure, it will get fused into the jawbone making the thing completely stable with secured roots. You can do multiple teeth, single tooth and full arch restoration with All-on-4 dental implants. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to assess your present dental condition at first.

What is meant by All-on-4?

Basically for an entire arch restoration of teeth 6-8 implants are needed to provide the necessary support. But in case the bone mass has become less jawbone will lose its capacity for fusing the spots successfully.

In such instances, only single failure leads to comprising with full restoration which is why bone grafting is considered for accompanying the dental implants. But this leads to an additional surgery with additional expenses. 

Rather than going with such hefty option, you can be provided with All-on-4 dental implants for full arch restoration. Every kind of All-on-4 procedure uses 4 posts for supporting full replacement of the arch. However, these are surgically placed into the jaw.

2 of them are positioned close of the front jaw especially where the bone mass is found naturally. The rest of the two are placed back of the mouth at 45o angle for maximising the contact within the jawbone and posts for proper fusion and stability.  

Advantages of All-on-4

Incredible outcome is offered by All-on-4 and it possesses some amazing benefits similar to that of other implants as well. It provides huge comfort with easy maintenance. On completion of the treatment, it offers stimulation to the jawbone preventing further bone loss. Some outstanding advantages of this dental procedure are given below:

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less and short surgical procedure
  • Eliminate the necessity of sinus lifting and bone grafting
  • Highly affordable. Elimination of bone grafting with less implants make everything in budget in contrast to normal full arch restoration

Being the ultimate replacement option of missing teeth, you can improve your quality of life with All-on-4 as well. However, to check whether you are suitable to undergo this treatment or not visit your dentist to highlight your concern and get checked up. 

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