Guide to Laser Eye Surgery

Guide to Laser Eye Surgery – Everything You Need to Know

We have put together this guide of everything you need to know about laser eye surgery because most of us would want to have our vision improved if we could, but the idea of having a laser applied to our eyes can throw up some questions such as:

Does it hurt to have laser eye surgery?

The answer to that is no, thank goodness. One person who had laser vision surgery done at Optimal Vision reported that their experience was completely painless.  Wearing contact lenses had become a pain in the neck for Sarah particularly as she travelled a lot as an air hostess and found beach type locations are a bit of a nightmare.  Sarah had been wearing her lenses since she was 16 and finally decided that she would have laser eye surgery.  Sarah booked an appointment to have an assessment. Her eye health was checked and she was really astonished and impressed by the very comprehensive range of testing that was carried out on her. There were a range of procedures but Sarah needed to have done before Optimal Vision would clear her to have laser eye surgery so that they would know her eyes were healthy and that she was a good candidate to have the procedure. The testing that was done on Sarah consisted of:

  • tomography
  • optical coherence tomography including epithelial mapping
  • pachymetry
  • Pupillometry

Sarah was very impressed with all the high tech equipment that was used in the testing and the fact that it took three and a half hours to carry out her eye ‘MOT’. Sarah was really reassured and impressed by the thoroughness of the checks being carried out by Optimal Vision. As well as having one of the most comprehensive assessments carried out anywhere in the UK, she was also subjected to a clinical work up and a consultation with a specialist optometrist.  Her Patient Care Coordinator at Optimal Vision was on hand to guide her through the entire process and to answer any questions that Sarah might have.


Feeling completely confident about the nature of her eye work up Sarah was very pleased when she was told that she was a good candidate for laser eye surgery.  She was told that the laser ‘keyhole’ treatment would be best. Sarah was sent away with a comprehensive information pack and was also allowed a cooling off time in case she decided she didn’t want to go ahead.

It’s a yes!

Sarah was so reassured by the professional treatment she had received at Optimal Vision that she had no hesitation about going ahead with the laser surgery. She did read all the pros and cons thoroughly and she also knew that The British contact lens Association (BCLA) reported that incidents of vision loss due to a corneal infection being set up from contact lens wearing affected around six in every 100,000 contact lens wearers, every year.  Since she was a contact lens wearer Sarah factored this information into her final decision but the clinic had completely won her confidence so Sarah was happy to go ahead.


The next step was a consultation with her laser eye surgeon who had an impressive record in treating people with laser and also had a comprehensive knowledge of all the different types of laser eye surgery.  After her consultation Sarah had been put completely at ease and although she had some questions to ask him, she was completely satisfied with his responses including the fact but when she asked him if he would do laser eye surgery on his own family members, he answered confidently in the affirmative.

The big day

As the day got close Sarah was feeling naturally nervous.  her surgeon was very understanding and told her that performing eye surgery is only half of the job with the other half being to reassure anxious patients! Sarah noticed that a lot of effort was put into making patients as relaxed as possible from the moment that they arrived at the clinic right through until they left, following their laser eye surgery. Next, anaesthetic drops were applied to Sarah’s eyes and she was taken into Theatre for the procedure. Her Optimal Vision surgeon talked Sarah through exactly what was about to happen and what sensations she would feel. she was asked to look at a bright light and in just 40 seconds for each eye, the job was done!

All done!

To begin with everything looked a bit blurred to Sarah as though she was looking into a steamy room.  Outside the theatre she was taken to the recovery room for a short while.  Sarah’s boyfriend had already arrived to pick her up. The staff had told her that she could not travel home by public transport because of the risk to her eyes from airborne pollution and dirt in the atmosphere.  she had also been told to keep her eyes closed four a few hours following her surgery, so making it home on her own would have been quite tricky! 

Sarah says that she felt no pain at all. She had been told that she might feel that her eyes were a bit scratchy and dry, but she didn’t feel that either. At home Sarah lay down in bed with their eyes closed for a few hours and every half an hour her boyfriend popped in to put drops in her eyes.

Follow Up

The next day Sarah was back at Optimal Vision where her laser eye surgeon was delighted to tell her that her vision was perfect.  Sarah was cleared to drive and to carry on with their normal activities. Sarah didn’t need to be told how good her vision was, the improvement after the laser eye surgery was already very obvious to Sarah and the thought that she would never again have to rely on contact lenses was such a relief to her. She was even shown some photographs of her eyes that showed clearly how they were already healing.  Thus, you will be able to know all about laser eye surgery through this post.

The only regret that Sarah has about laser eye surgery now, is that she didn’t have it earlier!

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