Canvas Photo with Text

Let your Gifts Speak with Canvas Photo with Text

While our houses are made of bricks and cement, the emotions attached to them makes it a home. Everyone certainly wants every nook and corner of their house to speak a story about their taste and preferences.

Then why not give those dull and boring walls a personal makeover? If you want to ensure that a corner of their house portrays a story about you and, then a photo canvas with text is just what you’re looking for!

Still in doubts about canvas prints as art pieces or gift items for your loved one’s? Let’s get your concept cleared!  

Is Photo Canvas with Text the right Gifting option?

Confused about what to give your loved ones on their special day? Here, we have in store for you a unique idea that will instantly put a smile on your loved one’s face. Photo canvas with text is a beautiful way to express your feelings. 

Add a captivating quote to your photos and create your very own custom canvas prints with words if you want to upgrade the photo wall with some love. Canvas photo with text is not only a charismatic way to treasure your long-lasting memory but the perfect gift for your close ones with a hint of love!

How to Design Your Custom Canvas Prints with Words

Photo canvas with text is an excellent, pocket-friendly gift idea that is suited for almost every individual. You can get these personalized gifts in just a quick few steps! And what’s more? These custom-made gifts will not require you to break your bank!

  • Design Custom canvas prints with words online

Various online platforms design canvas photo with text with innovative technology and inventive printing in just no time, and that too at an affordable rate. With such flexibility, there’s no end to your imagination! 

  • Choose

Choose from the high-quality canvas prints and shop from various sizes available according to your needs and demands. 

  • Upload

Upload your favorite photo and couple it with an interesting caption to create a proposed canvas print. These words come in different sizes and colors based on your requirement.  

  • Checkout

Proceed to check out and shop museum-quality and immaculately made canvas photo with text.

  • Offers!

Look out for amazing deals, so your “love” is not much heavy on the pocket! If you are keen on giving your canvas prints a more personalized touch, we have more options. Check them out!

Now, chances are that you might want to go down the ‘DIY’ way. Yes, we understand the value of efforts. Say no more, we have you covered! 

Steps to Create Your Handmade Custom Canvas Prints with Words

Here is your guide on “how to make your very own photo canvas with text.

You can browse through different DIY canvas painting ideas to hand-pick the ones that will go with your requirements. Select a quote that goes with your personality and create beautiful canvases that inspire you with its message. 

You can even opt for splash art or pixelated patterned paintings if your loved ones are a bit on the quirky side. You can even add that extra flair by fixing some twinkling lights on your artwork. Pull up your creativity to accent gift ideas that, too, at an unimaginable price!

  • Things you require to start off!
  • A canvas
  • Sticker letters
  • Spray paint
  • Glitter
  • Sealant
  • Mod Podge or Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • A pair of scissors
  • Staple gun
  • Acrylic paint

Once you have all the items you need, make sure to select what text you want your canvas print to display. Beware, messy task ahead!

  • Paint the edges

Start off by painting the edges of your canvas in shades of black or brown or the color of your choice. 

  • Stick the letters

Then, directly start sticking the letters to your canvas if you want your canvas only to portray texts. You can align the texts in a straight line or make shuffled texts. It’s your choice. Don’t forget to make your message as bewitching as possible! 

  • Spray the paint

You can spray paint over the stickers and then gently pull them off. Do not leave any gaps in between. 

It is advisable to carry out this step outdoors because it can cause a lot of mess.

  • Take your letters off.

Wait until the paint has completely dried out, and then strip off the letters. Make sure that the surface is completely dry, or all your hard work is about to get ruined!

  • Play with your creative mind

It is now time to explore your artistic skills. Draw patterns or shapes on your canvas but very carefully. Apply glue over the drawing and sprinkle glitter on top. Use a thick layer of glitter and make sure not to leave any space empty. You can even paint your canvas instead of using glitter. The choice is yours!

  • Wait until it’s dry.

Wait until it is dry and then lift and then lift it up and give a little shake to dust off the glitter particles. Using a soft paintbrush, gently remove the remaining glitter. 

  • Finish it off with a sealant

Finish off your hand-made custom canvas photo print with words by spraying sealant over it. This step is essential as you don’t want your canvas to fade out over time.

  • Using a photo

Instead of just using words, you can stick your favorite photo on the surface of the canvas and paint your desired words beside the photo. Cut out the excess parts using a pair of scissors or fold the edges and staple them. 

  • A layer of Mod podge

A thin layer of Mod podge evenly spread over the canvas print can give you that extra shine!

Finally, a brand new statement piece is ready to be gifted to your close ones!

What can be a better gift to your loved ones than these custom canvas prints with words? Your love will forever remain etched in those canvas prints with the imprinted words. 


Why worry any further while choosing a gift when you have this whole idea right at your pedestal. Wrap it with love, and you’re good to go! We’re sure your walls will adorn that creative touch with imprint words on canvas photos. 

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