Tips and tricks to combine jewelry and clothing

It is known that since ancient times jewelry has served to complement the attire of millions of women and men from all countries and cultures. From the Egyptian fibulae or brooches that were intended to fasten clothing to the body of the wearer, to the elaborate Chinese pieces to hold the hair, humanity has enjoyed and still enjoys an immense range of opportunities to show on its body all the beauty of a jewel made according to your size , purchasing power, desire or need.

Today’s world

Today, jewelry and clothing have more in common when they are chosen for a special occasion or simply for daily living. For this reason, every respected jewelry designer takes into account not only the dictates of fashion in his specialty, but also the update in terms of clothing , footwear, bags and all kinds of accessories that make up the set of what beautifies the bearing of modern man and woman. Nowadays people are crazy to get Amazon promo codes 20% off anything for purchasing the latest jewellery and clothing at affordable prices.

The jewels next to your wardrobe reflect your style and personality, so it is essential that you know how to combine them to look radiant.

Tips and tricks to combine jewelry and clothing, depending on the type of fabric and shape of the garment

Wool or thick stitches

Better combine them with embossed jewelry, such as earrings or rings with large volumes.

Velvet garments

Better not to accompany them with jewelry with large stones.

Round neck garments attached to the neck

I recommend that they not be combined with very large necklaces, since the aesthetic result is not the most appropriate. You should avoid wearing necklaces that are too tight around your neck, as this will make your neck appear shorter. It is more advisable to wear them with a pendant at chest height, as this will cause the visual effect of lengthening your silhouette.

Pair it with a nice clasp around the neck, just in that indentation that forms in the middle between both clavicle bones.

Blouses or dresses with plunging necklines in a round shape : They fit well with necklaces closer to the neck and discreet earrings.

Sober garments both in texture and color

This type of clothing is very appropriate to combine with long necklaces.

Wide-sleeved blouses

In these cases, you can wear bracelets or bangles.

Necklines with V neck or with necklines: You can combine them perfectly with long and thin earrings.

Long skirts and dresses

They go very well with ankle bracelets, you can combine it with flat sandals or ballerinas.

Long-sleeved blouse and dark color

If this is the clothes that you wear rings will suit you.

Blouses with encompassed sleeves: They combine very well with silver , gold rings that will make your finest hands shine.

If you wear garments of various colors or prints, try not to wear many rings so that your look does not seem too ornate.

Thick garments such as jackets or sweaters, cloth coat or black wool

This type of wardrobe is an idea to combine it with gold or silver brooches or pins. Brooches are generally worn with clothing that is thick.

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