What You Should Know About Misted Double Glazing & Repair

What You Should Know About Misted Double Glazing & Repair

Did you find your double glazing has become misted due to condensation in between window panes and looks unattractive? If yes, then you need not worry as misted double glazing is a common problem among people throughout the world. However, the fact of misted double glazing is that is has become less efficient that will not keep your house warm like before. Before arranging for professional double glazing repair in Sussex or installation for your home, go through the post on misted double glazing and what you may do when windows are misted up.

Why are double glazed windows misted up?

Double glazing is extremely effective with two layers of glass with air in between that can avoid heat from getting transferred through one pane to the other. They can create a sound barrier and lessen the level of noise coming inside from outside. When double glazing starts to mist, it is an indication that water has already entered into the air gap between the two panes. This water forms condensation that can mist up the panes and causes the windows to look unpleasant.

If the double glazing is misting up on the outside of the windows, then the condensation is due to some change in temperatures from day to night and can be wiped away easily. This kind of condensation is quite common with new double glazing as they are usually at the height of efficiency which means the difference in temperature will be more evident inside and outside the house. If the glazing is misting on the outside, then this is completely harmless for the windows.

What causes double glazing to mist in-between the panes?

Window misting takes place due to damaged or defective seal that allows water to enter the cavity between the panes. This damage occurs due to an extensive range of issues that include being damaged at the time of installation, pressure on the seals, drainage problems or faulty seal which has been installed by the manufacturer.

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How can misted double glazing be repaired?

If you need to repair the windows, then this can be possible even though you may require replacement to work correctly again.

Warranty – It is suggested that you check for the installation paperworks as windows are under warranty. You should make the claim for getting it replaced in case it is defective. Many installers provide warranties that might last for several years and so, it is a good decision to digging out your installation paperwork for checking purpose. If the windows are not under warranty then you will have options – try for a repair or opt to get your window replaced. There are some pros and cons for each option and the finances will lead to your course of action.

Repairing – Repairing means drilling a hole in between the two panes, removing inside water and installing a desiccant that absorbs future water entering into the cavity. After this has been done, the unit is resealed and reinstalled. This process may not work all the time and you might have to repeat it in future in case you find further leakages.

You may purchase DIY repair kits available online that come in 4, 8 and 12 window options and can remove condensation from double glazing without replacing the windows. They can help to get rid of mist, fog and condensation blown from these double glazing units. These kits are not suitable for the toughened glass that has kite marks in the corners.

Replacing – If the leakage has returned back or you cannot find a reliable person for doing necessary repair works, then you might consider replacing the window completely. If the windows are modern, then you can hire a window installer who can match your new window with the existing one. If not, then it is the right time for a complete overhaul of your windows. In case you want to replace windows, shop around for getting the best deal according to your need.

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How can you prevent getting misted double glazing in future?

If you want to stay away from a misted window, then follow these steps to make sure your windows are in the best possible condition:

  • Install windows from a qualified fitter – This can lessen the chances of damage at the time of installation. Hiring a qualified fitter will always assure that the work will be done successfully by them.
  • Search for the best fitter to do the job – You need to complete your homework and go through online reviews for probable fitters who can do the job properly.
  • Replace windows when they become old – Windows are meant to last for several years, but they also have an expiry. When you need to replace them, search for a qualified fitter who will give the right quotation.
  • Maintain the look of your windows – You should take proper care of the widows, clean and remove any kind of dust, debris or plant growth that will keep them in good condition. This can help to detect problems before they become extremely big to deal.

Thus, a misted window that has condensation in between the two glass panes of double glazing means that the window seals have been compromised and will no more work to their full potential. If you are having a misted window installed in your house, then choose to get them repaired or replaced based on how big the problem is and how many windows it can affect. Despite whichever option you might choose, you need to take help of a well-qualified window engineer who can do the work for you.

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If the windows are under warranty, then this can save you a considerable amount of money. When choosing an installer, make sure you read online reviews and seek references to be sure you have contacted the right person for getting your work done. Finally, in case you cannot repair or replace the affected window, this means the problem has become worse. It will increase your energy bills and make the windows look unpleasant. If you reside in Sussex and you may invest some time so that you can hire best glazing company in Sussex and solve your window misting problems easily.

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